Place of Origin: ShenZhen China
Brand Name: XNJ PCB
Certification: UL/SGS/RoHs
Shipping: FOB Shenzhen, FOB HK
Minimum Order Quantity: NO MOQ
Packaging Details: 25pcs/vacuum bag+export packing
Delivery Time:3-12Days
Payment Terms: T/T,OA, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: Ten thousand square meters/month



Sinofast high frequency PCB boards are widely used in wireless networks, wireless communications and satellite communications. In particular, the popularity of 3G, 4G, 5G networks greatly increases the market demand for Hf PCB.

The increasing complexity of electronic components and switches continually requires faster signal flow rates, and thus higher transmission frequencies is required to meet the social market. It has also become more and more necessary for high frequency (HF) technology to view conductor widths as an electronic component.

 Base material  FR-4/ FR-1/ FR-2/ CEM-1/CEM-3, Aluminum, Metal based
 Layer count  2-18
 Thickness of finished panel  0.20mm - 4.0mm
 Board Thickness Tolerance  -10%~10%
 Inner layer/Outer layer Base Cooper thickness  0.5 OZ(17 um)/ 0.5 OZ(17 um)
 Impedance tolerance  -10%~10%
 Impedance Control  50
 Warp & Twist  0.5%
 Peel strength of line  61 B/in (107g/mm)


 Outer layer line width (a)  0.075mm (3 mil)
 Outer layer line space(b)  0.075mm (3 mil)
 Image to image tolerance  -0.075mm~0.075mm (-3mil~3mil)
 SMD pitch (a)  0.2 mm(8 mil)
 BGA pitch (b)  0.2 mm (8 mil)

Solder Mask:

 Thickness of solder mask (line end)  0.4-1.2 mil
 Thickness of solder mask (line corner)  0.2 mil
 Hardness of solder mask  6H
 Solder mask registration tolerance  -2 mil~2mil


 Min drilling diameter  0.15 mm
 Min diameter of finished hole  0.10 mm
 Tolerance of PTH diameter  -2mil ~2mil(-50um~50um)
 Tolerance of NPTH diameter  -1mil ~1mil (-25um~25um)

Choosing a circuit material for a high-frequency PCB board is generally a trade-off, often between price and performance. But PCB materials are also selected by two key factors: how well they meet the needs of an end-use application and what kind of effort is required to fabricate a desired circuit with a particular material.

SinoFast processes high-frequency materials with improved dielectric properties. These have a very low loss factor, low dielectric constant, and are frequency independent.

For some special high-frequency PCB materials, such as: Teflon PCB material, Rogers PCB materials, we also have the production ability.


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