Auto electronic products can be divided into two broad categories:

1. First, automotive electronic control device, includes power-train control, chassis and body electronics control, and comfort and security system.

2.Second, on-board automobile electronic device, includes automobile information system (on-board computer), automobile tire pressure monitoring system, GPS system, car audio and video entertainment system, automotive communication system, car network, after reversing visual system, rear-view camera of in-car navigator and so on.

Automotive electronics market tends to security in the future, from the demand of the market, people take high attention to safe driving technology and safe products. The passive safety technology has made significant progress-----technologies and products to protect drivers and passengers when automobiles have collisions, such as those products like collision sensors, air bags, seat belts, servo steering structure, and the metal plate collision zone have already saved many lives in car accident and reduce the injuries.

But the latest development direction is active safety, which is realized by measuring the distance between cars and the around object, combine with the speed of close object by means of radar, ultrasonic sensor and optical technology. This data is able to remind drivers control the speed of driving, and avoid the possible collisions. It can also be used to control the brake and steering system to avoid collisions automatically. The collision avoidance system can reduce the accident rate and the high cost of car accidents.