LED Aluminium PCB

ʱ䣺2015/11/4 8:53:15

    LED aluminium pcb is a special material PCB, which is the meaning of printed circuit board. This PCB material is aluminium alloy, but the general circuit board material is glass fiber. What metal used as insulated metal substrate depends on the coefficient of thermal expansion of the metal material, the capacity of heat transmission, strength, hardness, weight and cost. In general, considering the cost and technical performance of metal material, aluminium pcb is a good choice. If there are requirements of higher heat transfer performance, mechanical properties, electrical properties and other special performance, copper, stainless steel plate, iron plate, and silicon steel plate are a better choice.

    Aluminium pcb is a kind of low alloying Al - Mg - Si High plastic alloy plate. This kind of aluminium pcb has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and machining performance. Compared with traditional FR-4 PCB, aluminium pcb has same thickness and width, but aluminium pcb can carry much higher current. Aluminium pcb has a high pressure of up to 4500v. Wahts more, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of aluminium pcb is greater than 2.0. So aluminium pcb plays a great part in pcb industry.

    There is a big limitation in the effectiveness of heat. Therefore, domestic and foreign aluminium pcb manufacturers strive toward the solution to this problem. There two solutions. One is to look for other material pcb with high coefficient of heat transfer to replace the aluminium pcb. Thees special material pcb contains silicon substratem pcb, silicon carbide substrate pcb, anodized aluminium pcb or nitriding aluminium pcb. However, semiconductor silicon and silicon carbide substrate pcb have semiconductor properties, making its meet more stringent tests at present stage. Anodized aluminium pcb by its oxygen anodized layer intensity and easily caused by fracture conductivity, making its limited in practical application. Therefore, at this stage aluminium pcb is the most popular pcb.

LED aluminum pcb